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Holiday Happenings… yes already ;)

The holidays are coming in at full force now and Little Things is getting so many things ready for YOU. Including being a part of Little Boxes put on by the creative minds over at Besty and Iya and Keel Creative.

Little Boxes last year was so much fun…. Buuuuut THIS year we are pairing it up with our SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

We couldn’t be more excited to be one of over 160 local small businesses, and holy raffle prizes!! Serious amounts of prizes. An iPad, dinners from locally owned restaurants, hotel stays, gift bags from most of the businesses including an awesome one from yours truly ;) , and what I think is a genius prize A SHOPPING SPREE ($600, $400, $200) to ANY of the businesses!! Plus, like last year, bring in a stamped map and get 10% off. Details HERE. Tell us HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and get another 5% off because we love you. Don’t have a stamp and are  just starting you’re Little Boxes adventures? Tell us HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and still get 10% off any of your purchases.

Do you know what else is going on?!? WISH LISTS!! That means you have 5 lines (or the whole back side) to write down what YOU might be wanting for the holidays. We’ll keep it on file for you at the store, and you can take one home to maybe put on the fridge for someone to find.

To go along with the wish lists Cory, my dear husband, is hosting our second annual Men’s Holiday Happy Hour December 20th 4-8pm. A little last minute, but not quite. Shopping that’s laid back, helpful, involves drinking beer, and best of all wrapping of some sweet locally made gifts for you, sisters, moms, ext. ;)

Busy busy busy!!


The Fun Feast

November we are showing a food themed show to get our little bellies ready for the holidays. There is sweet and savory pieces from seven local artists.

Tripper Dungan http://numberstar.com/
Bishop Lennon http://www.bishop-art.com/
Brooke Weeber http://brookeweeber.com/
Renee Hartig http://www.studiohartig.blogspot.com/
Kimberly Sly http://albiedesigns.com/
Sofia Urrutia-Lopez http://www.etsy.com/shop/Buttonlandia
Shannon Larson http://shanmlars.tumblr.com/









Travelust and The Stumptown Sweetheart Show

This weekend I packed up my own line at Little Things, Travelust, and hit the road. The road happened to be only a couple blocks from the shop at the Mission Theater for the Stumptown Sweetheart’s wedding show. It was great and the vendors aaaamazing!! I was happy to work with the lovely ladies at Crafty Underdog, and to take in a beautiful fashion show by Mag-Big. My favorite dress happened to be the last and it was a beauty. So pretty that I couldn’t take my eyes off it to take a picture :( Buuut here’s a few pictures of my little booth.

If you’re interested in getting a custom Travelust piece just email me and we’ll chat about it andrea @ littlethingspdx.com … The possibilities limitless!!




First Thursday PIÑATA PARTY!!

That’s right I said PINATA!! Little Things is very very excited to start May with a fun festive First Thursday with Alaina and her creatively awesome PINATAS!! We’re talking Diamonds, Oregon State Shapes, CORN DOGS, and MORE!!

Pacific North West native Alaina Mickes works predominately in papier mâché, mixing paper, flour and water to create wearable fine art, unique piñatas and other colorful décor. The majority of her work is inspired by the Day of the Dead, a predominately Latin holiday that raucously celebrates (rather than mourns) the lives of the deceased. For Alaina, papier mâché best represents the transitory nature of life and challenges her to transform these simple elements into a complex work of art.


Along with our Pinata Party our ActivSpace neighbors are staying open late too!! Check out what they are up to…